User Task Dashboard and Notifications

Your Task Dashboard is your due diligence command center. All of your work will flow straight to this centralized compilation of your notifications and tasks.


In the Task Dashboard view, any User can see, for each deal, all of the Requests that such User has been assigned, including the status of those Requests. That means that, for example, for any Request for which the status is “To Review", the User knows that additional action is required to either Respond or mark the item as Complete in order to drive the Request to conclusion.

Comment Threads

In addition to Assignments statuses, any User can view all Comment Threads on which such User is included.

Requests or Responses Needing Approval

If the User is a Side Administrator for a given deal, the User's Task Dashboard will include Requests or Responses that are pending approval to be published.


Users receive notifications in the Task Dashboard or any new activity (new Request Assignments, and any activity on assigned Requests) in the app. If a User has any new activity to view, an orange dot will display on the Task Dashboard icon in the User's left navigation bar.

Image 2019-05-05 at 6.27.47 PM

In addition, each User with mail notifications if any new tasks are triggered on the User's task dashboard. The frequency of the email notification is once per day, and Users can toggle email notifications on or off in the User's profile.