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Side Administrators

Side Administrators have the power to approve sending any and all information to the other Side, add new Users to a deal and manage the due diligence process with dealWIP’s diligence reporting dashboard.

Publishing - Approving the Publication of Information

When any non-Administrator User (a “Publishing User”) on the Side Administrator’s Side has a Request or Response that such Publishing User would like to publish to the other Side, the Publishing User will submit the Request or Response to the Side Administrator(s) by clicking the "Submit to Admin" button. The relevant Request or Response, together with all Comments on such Request or Response and the identities of all reviewers, will then be visible to the Side Administrator and a task for such approval will become visible on the Side Administrator’s Task Dashboard. Once the Side Administrator is ready to publish the Request or Response to the other Side, the Side Administrator simply clicks the “Approve” button. If the Side Administrator would like to Reject the Request or Response, she may click the "Reject" button.

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Adding Reviewers and Leaving Comments

When reviewing a Response, the Side Administrator can invite additional persons to review the applicable Response and leave comments or questions as Comments for the Publishing User.

Adding New Users

Any Side Administrator may add new Users to the Administrator's Side. Administrators will see an open box in the Users Page of the Matter Overview tab - by entering a new User's email address, selecting a User role and clicking "Add", the Administrator will send an invitation to the User to join her Side on the deal.

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Diligence Reporting

Side Administrators can view the Diligence Reporting dashboard, getting a 360° view of the Side's performance in driving Requests to completion and identifying issues in due diligence. The Diligence Reporting dashboard allows Side Administrators to view the status of each Request list item assigned to each User within the Side Administrator’s Side, as well as the aggregate status of all Requests on the deal. In addition, the Side Administrator can see each issue Flagged in due diligence by a User on the Side.

By knowing the status of all Requests, and all of the issues that have been flagged in due diligence, the Side Administrator is in total control of the due diligence process, ready to provide updates to the client on a moment’s notice.