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Quick Start Guide: Organization Administrators

As an Organization Administrator, you have a few key rights and responsibilities relating to managing your team on dealWIP.

Creating an Organization Account

In order to create your organization account, you'll need to input the required fields in the Organization creation form. Required fields include the Organization Name and Type.

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Inviting Users to your Organization

The primary role of the Organization Administrator is inviting new Users to join the Organization account. In order to add a User to the Organization Account, go to the "Organization & Billing" page in your menu. For the Organization page, simple input the email address of the new User you'd like to invite to your Organization, and click the "Invite" button.

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Affiliating your Organization's dealWIP Users with the Organization account will ensure that those Users have the rights and privileges associated with your Organization's account, including access to any paid features.

Managing Your Organization

As the Organization Administrator, your will be able to view the number of deals that Users within your Organization have started. You will also be able to remove Users from your Organization. Please note that, upon removing a User from your Organization, you will delete that User's account and the User will no longer have access to dealWIP.