Creating and Publishing Responses

Creating a Response to a Request, and Inviting Reviewers to Comment upon the Response, is beautifully simple.

Creating a Response

Any User can click the "More" button on a Request in the Diligence Room to access the Request detail page and create a Response to the Request. The Response text box will be open for a User to type the Response. After typing a Response, the User may either 1) Invite Reviewers to look at the Response and/or provide a Comment on the Response, 2) Submit the Response to the Administrator (if not an Administrator) or 3) Publish the Response to the other Side (if an Administrator).

Inviting Reviewers

From any Response that has not been Published, a User can initiate a conversation about the Response by clicking the "Add Reviewers" button, which triggers an notification to the applicable Reviewers to look at the Response and any Comments below the respective Response. Reviewers can then provide Comments below the Response.


Any User who can see a Response that has not yet been Published can add a Comment to the Response. Any User who is Assigned the Request or added as a Reviewer to the applicable Response will receive a notification about the new Comment. Comments will ALWAYS stay private to the Users' Side.

Publishing Responses

Once a User is ready to publish the Response to the other Side, the User, if not an Administrator, can click the Submit to Admin button, which submits a request to all Side Administrators for the User’s Group to approve the publication of the Response to all of the Users on the deal. The Side Administrator may Approve or Reject the Response - if Approved, the Response is published to all Users on the deal.

If a User is an Administrator, then the User may click the "Publish" button on a Response at any time to publish the Response to all Users.

Responses that have been Published may not be deleted or edited. To correct any information in a published response, simply provide a subsequent Response.

If a User decides not to Publish a Response for any reason, the Response will remain visible to the User and any Assignees and Reviewers for purposes of audit/version history. An alternative Response may always be initiated with the open Response box below.

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