Creating a Deal

Any User who is a member of a subscribing organization may create a deal on dealWIP. Adding new deals is simple, and requires the completion of just a handful of input fields. Below is an explanation.

Deal Creation Modal

After clicking the “Create Deal” button from the Deal Board, the User creating the deal (the “Deal Creator") will be taken through a series of modals into which the Deal Creator can enter the information necessary to get the deal started.

Screen Recording 2019-04-26 at 04.13 PM

The Deal Creator will be asked to enter the deal name and select the transaction type from a dropdown. Optional input fields include the User’s organization's internal deal ID, the location of the transaction, the target company and the proposed purchase price. This information will be displayed in the Matter Information page, so Users should only input information that they are comfortable sharing with other parties.

If the User wants to onboard the “Invited Side”, as well, the User can - but is not required to - add the email address of the Side Administrator for the Invited Side. If the Deal Creator does not add a Side Administrator for the other Side, she may do so after the Deal has been created. That’s it - you’re off and running.